Apr. 29th, 2017

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I went to see 君の名は last night. It certainly runs the viewer through a full gamut of emotion! And wow, everyone who has seen it has done a great job of not giving away the plot, so I'm going to talk about it under a cut. 


I also watched the second episode of 3人のパパ. It's not a must-watch for everyone, but I'm quite enjoying Horii Arata's acting. He always gives a lot of credit to Seto Koji, and I can see that in him. At the same time, he's developing his own style. Honestly, when Horii won the D☆DATE audition, I was pretty skeptical. He was gangly and so unpolished, very much the baseball playing high schooler. It was hard for me to see the performer in him. But he was so eager and endearing that you couldn't help but root for him as Seto kept rushing in to stop him from saying things he'd regret later. LOL. That was always hilarious, and endearing for both of them. The first inkling of Horii's acting potential was in D☆DATE's short film for JOKER. I hadn't expected much, but he turned in a believable performance. He continued to develop in subsequent roles in asadora, light drama and taiga. If I'm not mistaken, 3 Papas is his first lead role. 

And speaking of Seto, he's been pretty quiet lately. Of course, he also just came off a back-to-back shooting and performance schedule that stretched months. There were the dramas and plays one after the other, and the commercials, and shooting for 冬芽の人, and for the films ミックス and ナラタージュ, and the further cooking adventures of Hansel in NHK-BS グレーテルのかまど and DJing for D-radio. And now he's in the midst of producing his fan show, where he creates all the content and designs all the goods. And he's probably doing something else he isn't at liberty to divulge yet. So it's not like he's not super active. But... heh, I miss his promotional blogging, the way he can tie some mundane event of his day into the theme of whatever production he's flogging, or wax philosophical about the character he portrays. Ha ha, he's really quite a talented ad-man. 


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