Jul. 29th, 2017

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For some stupid reason that probably made sense to me at the time, I agreed to surgery at 8:30 AM Monday morning. Which means that I have to leave for the clinic by 7:30 AM at least. What was I thinking? Kick me.

The surgery is yet another one to remove benign skin cancer. This will be the second one on my nose. I'm told this one won't be so painful and bloody, but the first one, which was when I was 38, was absolutely awful. I am skeptical, but on the other hand, I really trust this surgeon, who did a great job on my forehead, and the surgical techniques have improved a lot in 20 years. Still... Oh well. 

I just wish there was something I could do to stop any more skin cancers from developing. I'm beginning to think I will end up my life looking like I've been stitched together.

Since there's nothing I can do for myself, I will just nag the rest of you instead. Wear a hat every time you are outside. Wear long sleeves even on sunny days and at the beach. Put thick layers of sun screen on your face and hands, so thick that it takes 10 minutes to absorb completely.

Take care of your skin, kiddies. 

In other news, I started using Duolingo. It seems to be doing a good job of resurrecting my rusty Spanish. But, for Japanese, I am not sure... A lot of phrases and words that can be translated multiple ways into English are translated in only one way. When I get them wrong, I have to remember what words and word order I used in English and try some new combination before hitting the ONE way that Duolingo has it translated. So then I'm not sure, was it just that the Japanese program is relatively new and doesn't have many synonyms built in? Or was there some nuance I don't understand? Because the program never explains, there's considerable uncertainty on my part. I guess, in that way, it really does emulate natural language learning. 


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