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So, this is the drama that's based on Misaeng, which I haven't seen but was a huge hit in S. Korea. Someone who has, tell me if you are also watching this, please, and how it compares.

I'm enjoying this drama, even though the outcome for the main character (no fault of Nakajima) is not interesting to me. After all, in these kinds of dramas, don't things always end up working out right for the main? It's the stories of all the side characters that intrigue me, because those stories can go any direction. Will Kiriake be a villain or an ally? Will he manage to stand on his own despite his parents' meddling and his supervisor's apparent dislike of him? Will Katsuki be able to make those horrible men in Resources respect her? Will Hitomi be stuck forever being the desk-monkey for the Fibers chief? Will Oda emerge victorious at last after so long of being blamed for his intern's death?  I would like to see Japanese dramas become less hero-driven since the hero's arc is predictable, and better develop the stories of the entire main cast. But since I do want the answers to those questions, I will definitely keep watching.
The cast is good. Ichinose isn't a demanding role, so it's fine that Nakajima mostly alternates between befuddled and determined. I like it when Seto gets to play a disagreeable character because his antagonistic roles never come off as merely 2-dimensional. I hadn't seen Kiriyama act before, and he's been a pleasant surprise. And Yamamoto is doing a great job of a role that requires her to convey a lot of internal pain through body language, since the character must mask her feelings in order to deal with the men who are trying to destroy her.
I'm a little disappointed that we can't follow what happens to Nagai (really well played by Kaji Masaki) since he didn't make the cut. After all, he's a new dad! It must be hard on him being jobless with a family to be responsible for. Ah, wouldn't that make a good drama in itself?
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