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This looks like it will be a quality first episode.
Also, I'm glad to be able to refer to this show as Dekishina, because the full name is way too long.
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[livejournal.com profile] bakamitaii translated this entry from Seto's Ameblo and told me to go ahead and post it. Follow the link to see the original text and associated photos, please.

bakamitaii's translation )
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So, if you read my previous translation, and went to the page where the video link is but couldn't figure out where it was, here it is:

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To All the New Adults

omedetou )

I'm more or less confident of the general translation of this one, except for that part in red. So, please! Offer me some correction. Including on anything else in this or other translations.
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I'm just going to copy this straight out of my travel journal, so ignore that it seems like it just happened. Because it did just happen when I wrote it the first time. You should take into account that I'm not fluent in Japanese, so I couldn't catch every line.

On a friend's advice, on my way back from Yokohama, I looked into going to see Gassoh. Good thing I did! It was the 2nd to last day in Tokyo before it goes to other cities. It seems when Japanese say a movie is a "road show", they really mean it! So, having made it as far as Ueno Station before deciding what to do, I retraced my journey back to Kanba and then to Shibuya. I took the wrong exit at Shibuya and then walked the wrong direction, ending up going completely around the station. But here I am at last, at the Cine Palace for the discounted late show, which, by the way, has a respectable attendance. Most of the seats are filled.

I had heard a lot of negatives about the Japanese movie theater experience. First, there are some good things. The theater is clean, the snacks are reasonably priced, and the audience is quiet. The negatives? This was discount show, yet was still 1500 yen. The screen wasn't much larger than those oversized "home theater" TVs some people buy. Worst of all are the seats. They seem innocent at first, but in reality are an instrument of torture designed to test your commitment to watching the movie. They are impossible to either sit straight in, as you find yourself being slowly sucked down, or to slouch comfortably in, as they demand that your spine bend exactly in way in which human spines do not bend. Nevertheless, I persevered, and was well rewarded.

Gassoh is very much a story told in the Japanese tradition, wherein the motivation and outcome of the characters' actions is left for the audience's subjective interpretation.Here be spoilers )

Regarding the performances, Seto had the most difficult role as Masanosuke, a generally pleasant if rather neurotic young man. He is the one reacting to what goes on around him, constantly trying to figure out his place in a world that seems to reject him. Seto really excels at introspective roles. Yagira was effective as Goku, who was single-minded, belligerent, and something of a bully. The physicality of his acting made Goku's rashness really contrast with Masanosuke's restrained thoughtfulness. The rest of the cast, likewise, was well-chosen and believable, down into the minor roles.

Sorry it took me so long to copy this out of my notebook. I can hardly wait until the rest of you can buy the DVD or blu-ray so we can discuss the meaning of this story! And if anyone has read the original manga, please chime in about the ending! Is it different than the movie?
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Seto hasn't been blogging as much now that he has an official Twitter. However, it's enough that I am, in fact, a few entries behind. I'll try to remedy that. But first, let's just get started with the latest, shall we....
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Oct. 31st, 2015 10:35 pm
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The best Japanese review I've found

Another excellent review

And the review you've all been waiting for!

I returned from Japan late this past Wednesday. My primary reason for going was to see the D-BOYS stage (D-STE) Yuhiden. This 17th production by Watanbe Entertainment's young male actor troupe also capped Seto Koji's 10th anniversary since his debut. I don't know what direction he will take his career after this, but I have a feeling that it might be a while before he does another D-STE, since the point of the stages is to hone the skills of young actors, and after 10 years at his craft, he's no novice in the trade. Yuhiden demonstrated that admirably.

Yuhiden was written expressly for Seto's anniversary, yet at the same time, it is truly an ensemble piece. In the fashion of D-BOYS, this gave Seto experience as being the chairman of the ensemble, responsible for maintaining the spirit and unity of the actors and helping each of the others fully master his role. When you see a D-BOYS production, you should know that the off-stage roles are as carefully alloted as the character roles. These actors are being fully trained in all aspects of their profession in preparation for long careers in theater.

The play is loosely based on the Kojiki.
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1 Week
2015-10-15 09:33:29

One week until the curtain rises on the Yuhiden stage.

Everyday has been full, doing strongly detailed rehearsal, so that getting here seems to have happened in the blink of an eye.

Yesterday, rehearsal was open to the public, doing practice straight through in complete costume and make-up, but there's still more to do...

To do more...

We'll put our full power into the remaining week!

That's all there is to it...

Yuhiden ticket information

Seto Koji Official LINE account

Seto Koji Official Twitter
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This was from the WE 15th anniversary party. Daichi, billed as Human Beatbox, does, well, human beatboxing. And then Fishboy dances in his fluid style. Finally, Daichi, Fishboy, and some of the D-BOYS did the WORLD ORDER song and routine Mind Shift.

Sorry, but I can't recognize two of the D-BOYS in the lighting. Tell me their names so I can put them in tags.
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If you have a twitter, or need an excuse to have a twitter, Seto's is @koji_seto0518. So far, he mostly says things like "good morning" and "working hard today, too". You know, the usual twitter stuff. But sometimes there are pictures. And wouldn't you be sad to miss seeing those pretty eyes?


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