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For some stupid reason that probably made sense to me at the time, I agreed to surgery at 8:30 AM Monday morning. Which means that I have to leave for the clinic by 7:30 AM at least. What was I thinking? Kick me.

The surgery is yet another one to remove benign skin cancer. This will be the second one on my nose. I'm told this one won't be so painful and bloody, but the first one, which was when I was 38, was absolutely awful. I am skeptical, but on the other hand, I really trust this surgeon, who did a great job on my forehead, and the surgical techniques have improved a lot in 20 years. Still... Oh well. 

I just wish there was something I could do to stop any more skin cancers from developing. I'm beginning to think I will end up my life looking like I've been stitched together.

Since there's nothing I can do for myself, I will just nag the rest of you instead. Wear a hat every time you are outside. Wear long sleeves even on sunny days and at the beach. Put thick layers of sun screen on your face and hands, so thick that it takes 10 minutes to absorb completely.

Take care of your skin, kiddies. 

In other news, I started using Duolingo. It seems to be doing a good job of resurrecting my rusty Spanish. But, for Japanese, I am not sure... A lot of phrases and words that can be translated multiple ways into English are translated in only one way. When I get them wrong, I have to remember what words and word order I used in English and try some new combination before hitting the ONE way that Duolingo has it translated. So then I'm not sure, was it just that the Japanese program is relatively new and doesn't have many synonyms built in? Or was there some nuance I don't understand? Because the program never explains, there's considerable uncertainty on my part. I guess, in that way, it really does emulate natural language learning. 
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Nothing came of the job interview. Oh well. It was just lateral anyway. Still, it would have been a change and a chance to not always be working evenings.

On the way to work today, there was a car in front of me with Kansas license plates. One tag was supporting Ben Carson in his campaign last year. Well, the owner of the car is from Kansas. I suppose that makes sense.

But next to that bumper sticker was a different one, one that was rather surprising for a car with a Ben Carson sticker on it. I mean...

I wasn't expecting this at all!

NASA bumpersticker

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 So, the weather this past week has been mild. Except for the cedar in the air, being outside has even been pleasant. And then there was today. 

The temperature was still warm, but the winds started coming in. I braved the kicked up cedar and spent time during the day covering the plants to prepare for what was to come: 3 days of freezing weather.

And then I came back inside with a big long list of inside chores. Of which I hardly did any. I barely could muster the determination to go through my Anki deck. 

Why does rapid weather change do this to me? I have lost all motivation, even to watch the shows I have lined up to watch. I'm too lazy to be lazy!

Oh well, at least I'm on vacation. Being lazy on vacation is permitted, right?
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It's Christmas Day, so I thought I'd surprise [livejournal.com profile] tbscreenrider by actually posting some pictures of my Christmas.

Pretty decorations )

The most exciting part, just for tbscreenrider... My messy kitchen, featuring the pots and pans behind the screen!

not decorated, unless you towels count as decoration )

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Last year this time, I knew Trump would win.

not bragging, just saying )
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To get back to translating Seto's blog. It's not like he's a heavy blogger. I can do this!

And so it begins with his first entry of the year.

Also, I'm going to actually do the entire grades 1-3 kanji workbook. So, I guess that makes 2 resolutions.

And 1 plan: Moving to my own house or condo or something this summer. I hope I can pull it off! At the very least, I will in fact be moving, if only to a bigger apartment. I'll miss living directly across the street from work, but I won't miss my upstairs neighbor with feet of lead. She's the worst X-Men of the all. Noisy walking is a lousy super power.
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Thank you for the lovely cards, friends!

Thank you for the lovely cards, friends!
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I have been messaging with [livejournal.com profile] pharrezychica and pestering her to post a life update in her LJ, when it occured to me that I should post in mine!
a yeah, an lj cut would be nice )
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Finally uploaded some San Antonio pictures!
Not many pictures, but they are giant size )
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Friends-locked life-y update is in the post below.

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Since I have a wheat allergy (usually not immediately, but with increasing exposure I get atopic dermatitis, mouth ulcers, hives and asthma), I've been eating gluten-free for, um, 15 years? Yeah, about that long. So, I found this chart with proportions for making specialty GF flours at home, and decided to put it here so I can find it again. If you want to make these flour blends too, and can't find what you need near you, just click on this link for Nuts.com because they sell the flours used in the blends. They also sell blends, in case you don't want to make your own.
NutsOnline's Guide to Gluten-Free Flour Blends - The Nutty Scoop from Nuts.com
(Shared by 4qu.co/t) http://4qu.co/3kae1
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I took Mom to her 4th chemo session yesterday. Everytime, they run labs to see if the hemolysis  is gone. The good news this time, the best news, the news we have been hoping and praying for came back: Her red blood cell count is back to normal!

She will start weaning herself off the prednisone she's been on, and continue to have weekly lab work for the next month, but as long as the hemoglobin count stays near normal, she won't have to have chemotherapy! We couldn't be happier, of course! Mom started being downright silly and also bursting with enthusiasm. As soon as I got her home, she started talking about redecorating the living room. When Dad got home, first thing she told him was "we're getting rid of that couch." (LOL, don't worry. She had already called him to let him know the lab results.) Mom was singing and blabbering happily about all her new plans. When she left the room, I said to Dad, "She sure is back to being silly."

Dad smiled. "Yep, and she deserves to be silly."

I think their living room is getting redecorated for sure.

Her doctors will be keeping a close eye on her blood count from now on, but for now, we are rejoicing.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for her or sent her positive thoughts. Knowing that people she didn't even know took a moment for her really boosted her spirits. Your caring has also boosted mine. Bless you all.
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OK, maybe not all of it. Just the mountain juniper that plagues central Texas every winter. The pollen count has never been higher, so even on methylprednisone, my eyes are watering and my nose running.The good part is that I can take some of my over-accumulation of vacation hours and come in late to work for the next week.

In other news, Ryuichi sent me a lovely gift from Japan, Tsetsua sent me homemade Polish chocolate, and I found a dress pattern--well, more like instructions, for exactly the kind of dress I have been wanting to buy but haven't been able to find. I just have to get fabric and make a blood offering to the sewing gods, and I'll be good to go.

We had a second application party last week. It sure makes redoing resumes and making cover letters easier when you have friends with you encouraging you. You all should try it!

I still need to post all my Christmas cards but first I gotta go sneeze my fool face off. 
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Everyone, look at my lovely Christmas cards! These ones are from Poland, Thailand, Japan, Brunei and the US. I expect my old roommate has some for me, too, since he saves my mail that still gets sent there. Thank you, everyone!

2013 xmas cards received
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I finally got all my international cards mailed! Whoohoo!
Click here if you are curious if you are on the list )
If you don't mind getting a late card or a New Year's card, it's not to late to message me with your address. US folks, cards go out this week, so if we haven't exchanged addresses, it's not too late to get them in time for Christmas.
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Soooooo... I have been practicing writing in Japanese, not necessarily accurately. I may as well post it here and maybe get some feedback (hint, hint). Why do particles seem so easy until you actually need to use them?






I guess I'll start putting the earlier entries here too. I have corrections on them, but if I don't rewrite them myself, I will soon forget what Kazki's scribbling to the side even means.
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My friend Ryuichi is coming to visit in a 2 weeks, so I've been housecleaning. One task that took me a lot longer than I expected was organizing my earrings, which had sort of taken over most of my bathroom counter space. It took me two days, but at last I can present to you my almost completely organized earrings and clean counter!


And also of importance (to me, anyways) is that I was able to pick up a special package from Indonesia. Thanks for the lovely treats, Dewa Ayu. I especially like the sour candies!

Indonesian gift from Dewa Ayu
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I ate a new BBQ restaurant today.

This is the place. It's called Ray's, but I guess you figured that out.

These lovely people are the owner and his family. I bet you can guess what his name is, too.

The food was delicious. I am sorry I didn't take a picture of it, but a picture wouldn't tell you how good the collard greens are anyways. Trust me, they were the best collard greens I've ever had at a restaurant. Maybe the best I've ever had at all, but I don't want to be telling my family members that. XDD
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Such drama in the subject line can only mean one thing: I have computer problems. I'm currently trying to do a system restore from the disk image I made last January when I bought the computer. I'll lose a few things, probably, but nothing irreplacable, I hope. I think I managed to make backup copies of anything I might actually need.

Oh, looks like the process is nearly finished. Scary! I hope it's worked. ZOMG! It's all there, along with my Samishii Magnet screen saver from last year! Thank goodness! Later, I can install MS Office, and get started on my coursework.

Everyone, please do the happy dance with me!
araki and shunji are dorks
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My daughter and I went to watch Les Miserables last week. We decided on the latest showing, which was at 10:15 pm, so we had a lot of time to kill. The theater we went to also has a pool hall, bowling alley, and, most interesting to us, a glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course!

Too awesome to bother with keeping score )


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