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2017-04-29 09:18 am

Fandom blathering

I went to see 君の名は last night. It certainly runs the viewer through a full gamut of emotion! And wow, everyone who has seen it has done a great job of not giving away the plot, so I'm going to talk about it under a cut. 


I also watched the second episode of 3人のパパ. It's not a must-watch for everyone, but I'm quite enjoying Horii Arata's acting. He always gives a lot of credit to Seto Koji, and I can see that in him. At the same time, he's developing his own style. Honestly, when Horii won the D☆DATE audition, I was pretty skeptical. He was gangly and so unpolished, very much the baseball playing high schooler. It was hard for me to see the performer in him. But he was so eager and endearing that you couldn't help but root for him as Seto kept rushing in to stop him from saying things he'd regret later. LOL. That was always hilarious, and endearing for both of them. The first inkling of Horii's acting potential was in D☆DATE's short film for JOKER. I hadn't expected much, but he turned in a believable performance. He continued to develop in subsequent roles in asadora, light drama and taiga. If I'm not mistaken, 3 Papas is his first lead role. 

And speaking of Seto, he's been pretty quiet lately. Of course, he also just came off a back-to-back shooting and performance schedule that stretched months. There were the dramas and plays one after the other, and the commercials, and shooting for 冬芽の人, and for the films ミックス and ナラタージュ, and the further cooking adventures of Hansel in NHK-BS グレーテルのかまど and DJing for D-radio. And now he's in the midst of producing his fan show, where he creates all the content and designs all the goods. And he's probably doing something else he isn't at liberty to divulge yet. So it's not like he's not super active. But... heh, I miss his promotional blogging, the way he can tie some mundane event of his day into the theme of whatever production he's flogging, or wax philosophical about the character he portrays. Ha ha, he's really quite a talented ad-man. 
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2016-10-14 11:25 pm
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Seto Koji for stage drama Kanbotsu (Cave-In)

All I know is that this play takes place in 1962, against the backdrop of preparations for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
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2016-10-14 10:00 pm
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Seto Koji for Fukuoka Bank

Observe! Three iterations of Seto Koji discuss the wonders of using a debit card from Fukuoka Bank. Which is more amazing? That there are 3 Seto Kojis, or that Japanese are finally using debit cards?

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2016-10-01 05:46 pm

Seto blog translation 2016-10-01 10:02:49

Fukuoka Bank
2016-10-01 10:02:49

I have been privileged to perform as the image character for Fukuoka Bank's commercial.

Personally, as someone born and raised in Fukuoka, Fukuoka Bank is very intimately familiar to me.

From the moment of the decision that I'd appear in the Fukuoka Bank commerical, the faces of family members in Fukuoka sprung to mind.

When I called my family to tell them of the decision that I would be in the commercial, they were unusually happy. LOL

Somehow or the other, it seems to resemble filial piety for parents and grandparents.

Also, it was really fun shooting, and with everyone at the location speaking Hakata dialect it felt somehow nostalgic.

Fukuoka Bank is touting the objective "Stage of Evolution".

As an actor wanting to continue to evolve, never forgetting the spirit of Fukuoka, I want to always chase after what I can do.

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2016-08-28 02:34 pm

Seto blog translation 2016-08-28 19:05:27

I Started Soccer* in 3rd Grade
2016-08-28 19:05:27

Life is a ball game )

*Yeah, yeah, futbol everywhere else in the world but the US and Japan, both of which retain the older name for the same sport. 
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2016-08-16 01:21 am
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HOPE episodes 1-5: impressions

So, this is the drama that's based on Misaeng, which I haven't seen but was a huge hit in S. Korea. Someone who has, tell me if you are also watching this, please, and how it compares.

I'm enjoying this drama, even though the outcome for the main character (no fault of Nakajima) is not interesting to me. After all, in these kinds of dramas, don't things always end up working out right for the main? It's the stories of all the side characters that intrigue me, because those stories can go any direction. Will Kiriake be a villain or an ally? Will he manage to stand on his own despite his parents' meddling and his supervisor's apparent dislike of him? Will Katsuki be able to make those horrible men in Resources respect her? Will Hitomi be stuck forever being the desk-monkey for the Fibers chief? Will Oda emerge victorious at last after so long of being blamed for his intern's death?  I would like to see Japanese dramas become less hero-driven since the hero's arc is predictable, and better develop the stories of the entire main cast. But since I do want the answers to those questions, I will definitely keep watching.
The cast is good. Ichinose isn't a demanding role, so it's fine that Nakajima mostly alternates between befuddled and determined. I like it when Seto gets to play a disagreeable character because his antagonistic roles never come off as merely 2-dimensional. I hadn't seen Kiriyama act before, and he's been a pleasant surprise. And Yamamoto is doing a great job of a role that requires her to convey a lot of internal pain through body language, since the character must mask her feelings in order to deal with the men who are trying to destroy her.
I'm a little disappointed that we can't follow what happens to Nagai (really well played by Kaji Masaki) since he didn't make the cut. After all, he's a new dad! It must be hard on him being jobless with a family to be responsible for. Ah, wouldn't that make a good drama in itself?
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2016-08-14 09:07 pm

Seto blog translation 2016-8-12 09:09:02

The Cherry Trees Were Beginning to Bloom
2016-08-12 09:09:02

Memories of cool weather )

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2016-08-08 03:56 pm

Seto blog translation 2016-08-07 19:49:00

I Heard a Sound Like the Scorching Sun
2016-08-07 19:49:00

No pictures this time around )
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2016-05-07 12:39 pm
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Seto Festival

These aren't actually plot spoilers for episode 4 of Dekishina, but just in case you want everything to be a surprise, I'm putting these pictures under the cut.
The moment we've been waiting for )
I sometimes check Seto's twitter following. Earlier this week, I saw that Seto had about 55,000 followers. Today, after the 4th episode of Dekishina, he has over 61,500. Overall, since the start of Dekishina, he's gained about 10,000 new followers.
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2016-04-02 12:11 pm

Seto blog translation 2016-04-02 21:24:17

translated with the "support and cooperation" of bakamitaii!

Asa ga Kita

Read more... )
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2016-03-20 05:04 pm

Seto blog translation 2016-03-20 12:36:33

Tono Monogatari: Mysterious Things
遠野物語・奇ッ怪 其ノ参

In autumn of this year,  I will be appearing in the stage play "Tono Monogatari: Mysterious Things"
今年秋に上演される舞台『遠野物語・奇ッ怪 其ノ参』に出演することが決まりました。

As I love going to see any play directed by Maekawa, that I would actually perform in a work he directs... it's a dream come true. And whenever I see one of his productions, I am transported to that world. It's like the feeling of an icy drink slowly passing from the mouth, through to the esophagus and into the stomach. In so doing, it controls the head. It's a mysterious feeling.

I felt this way when I first read Tono Monogatari, Yanagita Kunio's chronicle of the mysterious folklore of Tono. Of course, I'd never been to Tono, but I still felt these dreamlike stories connect with us nowadays. In the cycles of life and death, could reincarnation, the gods, the existence of monstrous ghosts be true, I wondered. Though we are unaware, there's a revived feeling of truths engraved on Japanese spirits. Well, it might be said that I like such stories.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, but my anticipation is greater.

My costars include Nakamura Tooru, a simply splendid actor. As I expect to learn a lot as an actor, I'm looking forward forward to this production above all.

This autumn, everyone, please come to the world of Tono.