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[livejournal.com profile] vanilla_ichigo reminded me of Yuhiden playright Suemitsu's interview (I'm guessing on the pronunciation of his name) posted at Enterstage. He makes it clear that the main inspiration for Hinata and Kairi are Izanami and Izanagi. However, there's more to it then that. I had previously only been able to scan it on mobile briefly so I had overlooked a lot.

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I have been messaging with [livejournal.com profile] pharrezychica and pestering her to post a life update in her LJ, when it occured to me that I should post in mine!
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I mostly went  to see Yuhiden for Seto, Endo, and Zukki, and I was not disappointed. Zukki is such a great character actor. That man needs more roles! I wasn't prepared for what a completely wonderful papa Endo has become. Somehow, his real life as husband and father has ramped up his gravitas on stage to something like 1000%. Also, Ikeoka really shone as a villain and Shuto has an amazing ability to convey subtle emotion facially even deep into the audience.

Seto? He was everything anyone could hope for, never overacting, never underselling, hitting all the right notes in his acting all the time. He makes it seem so easy!  The second time around watching, I could really see how he releases the stage to the others, pulling himself back while still extending his presence. Argh, it's so difficult to describe! But it was really like a prince surrounded by his lieutenants, someone who can handle himself, but who also knows it's the job of the others to protect him, so he lets them. When he fought, or spoke for that matter, it was to do what others couldn't. You could see how such a person would develop loyal followers by sheer force of his charisma.

So, what was Yuhiden about? As described at the official site, it's set at the dawn of Japanese national mythic history, very loosely based on the Kojiki. I have read several of the Chamberlain translated sections, and have yet to find anything that can be said to resemble what is in Yuhiden. However, the playwright wishes the audience to take it seriously as a possible beginning for Japan, with names changed (to protect the gods? ;D ). In short, the old king, Nagi no Ookimi, is desolate after the death of his wife and no longer properly governs. In fact, he even turns on his vassals. His heir, Prince Kairi, however, isn't interested in taking over the kingdom yet, wishing to explore the world around him. This sets events in motion as his loyal regent (Emiya, played by Endo) attempts to maintain the kingdom for 5 years while waiting for Kairi to return from his travels. Desperate to stave off invasion from Kyushu's infamous prince (Zukki's Madara), he breaks the betrothal to Kairi of his own daughter, Hinata, and gives her to Madara. Kairi's brother, Shuto's Tsudzuki, both concerned for Hinata and jealous of Kairi and how Kairi is so careless about his position, decides to try to reclaim Hinata and gain acknowledgment as heir. Meantime, Kairi has finally been stirred into action. Neither brother is in time to help Hinata, who against the wish of Madera, has been brutally murdered on her wedding day by the evil Ikeoka Hiruko. Kairi will attempt to redeem this wrong by descending into hell to retrieve Hinata, but things don't go as planned....

If you haven't already looked at [livejournal.com profile] mystical_powers pic spam entry, I urge you to go enjoy yourself amongst the pretty pretty pictures.
More pretty pictures at this Japanese review.


Oct. 31st, 2015 10:35 pm
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The best Japanese review I've found

Another excellent review

And the review you've all been waiting for!

I returned from Japan late this past Wednesday. My primary reason for going was to see the D-BOYS stage (D-STE) Yuhiden. This 17th production by Watanbe Entertainment's young male actor troupe also capped Seto Koji's 10th anniversary since his debut. I don't know what direction he will take his career after this, but I have a feeling that it might be a while before he does another D-STE, since the point of the stages is to hone the skills of young actors, and after 10 years at his craft, he's no novice in the trade. Yuhiden demonstrated that admirably.

Yuhiden was written expressly for Seto's anniversary, yet at the same time, it is truly an ensemble piece. In the fashion of D-BOYS, this gave Seto experience as being the chairman of the ensemble, responsible for maintaining the spirit and unity of the actors and helping each of the others fully master his role. When you see a D-BOYS production, you should know that the off-stage roles are as carefully alloted as the character roles. These actors are being fully trained in all aspects of their profession in preparation for long careers in theater.

The play is loosely based on the Kojiki.
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1 Week
2015-10-15 09:33:29

One week until the curtain rises on the Yuhiden stage.

Everyday has been full, doing strongly detailed rehearsal, so that getting here seems to have happened in the blink of an eye.

Yesterday, rehearsal was open to the public, doing practice straight through in complete costume and make-up, but there's still more to do...

To do more...

We'll put our full power into the remaining week!

That's all there is to it...

Yuhiden ticket information

Seto Koji Official LINE account

Seto Koji Official Twitter
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More Yuhiden promotional

Tickets go on sale August 8. I hope I can get one!
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Seto talking up Yuhiden.


Apr. 24th, 2015 05:16 am
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Information about the stage play Yuhiden

I already have permission to take vacation in October. Oh, yes, I will start planning now to see this!


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